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Hairpin Legs

Why should I buy stainless steel hairpin legs?

The cost of stainless steel material is far more expensive than regular steel, but because it does not rust it's perfect for furniture in all climates.

What is the best hairpin leg for my project?

If you are making a desk or dining table then we suggest the two rod 1/2" diameter or the 3-rod legs. For decorative and lighter tables with less use the 3/8" diameter will suit your project fine.

Are the 3-rod legs the best choice?

They are slightly more rigid than the 1/2" diameter legs, but most people buy them for their strength and their aesthetic.

What are the dimensions of the base plate?

The "L" shape is 4 7/8" in both directions and 2" across the middle sections.

How quickly do product orders ship?

Most products normally ship within 3-5 days. {Monday through Friday}

DIY Hairpin Leg Options

DIY legs have become our best seller! Metal arrives at our shop with a layer of protective grease which is mostly removed in the fabrication process. The final cleaning is an expensive effort, so giving our customers the opportunity to choose finished legs or DIY cleaning legs has allowed us to deliver this product at a lower cost, in exchange for a little DIY effort. Don’t worry you will have fun cleaning up your new hairpin legs.

General Questions

Can I come visit your Design Studio?

Yes please! Contact us and set up an appointment to come chat with us about your next project. We encourage our clients to visit our studio as it’s often the case that clients feel more connected to the design process.

What is your return policy?

We gladly accept returns with exception to custom products, 14 days after the date of purchase. There is a 20% restocking fee, and we do not pay for the cost of return shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, all products ship internationally. Contact us with the shipping address and desired product for a shipping quote.

Do you fabricate custom products?

Yes, just describe your design to us, and we will give you a quote. You can email the details or send us your contact information, and we will contact you within a few hours.


    Live Edge Furniture

    Origin of slabs?

    Our slabs come from a variety of regions throughout the United States we only offer naturally salvaged species.

    What's so great about Live Edge?

    Live edge furniture is stunningly beautiful and there is no two pieces alike. It is the kind of furniture that is passed down through generations.

    Hand Crafted Process Details

    When you select your live edge you will discover that your piece has it’s own character beauty. We like to honor all our pieces by mostly working with hand tools. You will notice that your furniture piece may have knots, color variations and beautiful natural curves.

    Lead Time on Live Edge Furniture

    Depending on a few factors like quantity, furniture specification, dimensions, species desired, your live edge piece can be ready for pick up or delivery within a few weeks.