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Chill Clear

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A transparent, optical quality, self-leveling epoxy resin with excellent UV resistance.

This very low viscosity system can be cast to a maximum thickness of 1/2 inch. Ideal for an artist's canvas, creating handcrafted objects, protecting bars and wood tabletops, potting LED lights, and for small electrical and electronic components. Can also be used as a wood sealer. This step is crucial before casting the resin river in a table.

The CHILL CLEAR layer prevents the formation of bubbles during the exothermic (heat release) reaction that hardens the resin.


1. 100% solids, no VOC

2. Easy mixing ratio of 2A/1B by volume.

3. Pot life of 60 minutes at 22°C.

4. Gets rid of bubbles quickly and easily without using a torch.

5. Excellent casting fluidity.

6. Easy to pigment.

7. 24 hour @ 22°C setting time depending on volume and casting design.

8. Superior impact resistance.

9. Maximum optical quality.

10. High gloss.

11. High abrasion resistance.

12. Minimal odour.