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Our Process

I think that simply enjoying what we do has been the most important ingredient in our long-term success. We enjoy being in our shop, and it’s basically our second home. Our metal and wood studios transition day to day between a playground for designing, and a fabrication shops. The process of making things by hand can be a really rewarding experience, and for us, it always starts with gratitude. I’m thankful for the work, and we make sure that our projects reflect that fact through material choice, design, and durability.

Begging, praying, and wishing don’t really work in getting results when it comes to working with wood and metal, although I have tried all of them at one point or another. So the process of building a piece of furniture or anything else starts with ideas, then plans, then the fabricating. But the most important assignment is giving a project genuine character through design and materials. Whatever we build has to authentically fulfill its purpose. To that end, we are open to using almost any material, if not raw, we’ll up-cycle material and give it another life.

Making our live edge pieces are definitely the most spiritual experiences around the shop. A beautiful tree that is hundreds of years old deserves a little reverence when you give it a new purpose. I do not attempt to reshape decades of natures work. Instead, I approach each piece playfully, and let the tree sort of tell me how much to work it before arriving at that balance of functional furniture, and showcasing the tree naturally.

We make a variety of different products for different industries, so there’s always challenging projects that keep us super busy. We very rarely need to outsource any thing. You are always welcome to come by and check out our trees, and inventory of live edge slabs, custom table frames, and other interesting stuff going on in the shop.