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Parota/Guanacaste 38x27x3 Cross Cut Slab (H15096)

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This is a Live Edge Slab of Parota / Guanacaste for use in your artwork or furniture-making.

We travel the world and hand-select each and every slab of tropical exotic hardwood that we import to Los Angeles for use in our awesome custom projects, as well as for you to use in yours!

Our slabs are kiln-dried for several months, which is by far the best method of drying wood to attempt to avoid cracking, warping, and splitting, as well as eliminating mold and pests. Once each slab is kiln- dried, the cracks that naturally occur are then epoxy-resin treated (where appropriate). We believe in leaving as much of the character in the slabs, so we are very conservative in the use of epoxy-resin in filling voids in the wood. Once our slabs are dried and treated with epoxy resin, we sand the tops and bottoms to 120-grit. Then, and only then will our wood be ready to depart on its voyage to Los Angeles, and then to you!

Don't forget: We are a custom shop that can easily fulfill any level of project you have in mind. Or you can simply purchase a slab from us and finish it yourself (or have a pro near you finish it for you).

We have the best wood, lowest prices, and greatest customer service in the industry. Let us earn your repeat business...1(888) WOOD-120 or (1-888-966-3120).

Dimensions (inches):

Length: 38

Width: 27

Thickness: 3

Board Feet: 21


Shipping is not included in the cost of this product. We will contact you to work out the best shipping option needed.