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Chill Deep Pour

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 CHILL DEEP POUR is a very low viscosity epoxy with very high ultraviolet  resistance. The CHILL DEEP POUR makes it possible to cast bigger river tables from 60-100L liters, up to 2.25" thick, in a single casting, while maintaining its transparency and high precision.

Its long pot life 1800 mins at 22°C/72°F makes it possible to mix several liters at a time and pour larger quantity of resin during the production of the river table without overheating or the need to use a fan or cooling system



1. 100% solids, no VOC
2. Easy mixing ratio of 2A/1B by volume.
3. Pot life > 1800 minutes at 22°C/72F.
4. Gets rid of bubbles quickly and easily without using a torch.
5. Easy to pigment.
6. ~5-7 days @ 22°C/72F setting time depending on volume, casting design, and ambient temperature.
7. Superior impact resistance.
8. Maximum optical quality.
9. High gloss.
10. High abrasion resistance.
11. Can be colored with pigments or inks for transparent, translucent, or opaque colors.