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Chill Ice 2

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With its very low viscosity, CHILL ICE 2 penetrates into wood fibers, creating a strong structural bond at the short, medium, and long term.

Its long pot life of 600 minutes @ 22°C lets you cast several liters of resin, add a pigment, then slowly pour from a strategic corner of the mold, letting the resin fill it up. The high fluidity of CHILL ICE 2 lets you fill the mold or table river quickly for fast and easy leveling.

Pot Life: 500 minutes at 22°C/72°F lets you cast several liters of resin in one pour

Cure Time: ~72-96 hours @ 22°C/72F setting time depending on volume, casting design, and ambient temperature.

Thickness: Ideal for pours between 1.25"-2" thick and up to 2.25" max in one pour up to 60L maximum.

Ratio: Easy mixing ratio of 2A/1B by volume.